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CRM Applications for Air Conditioning Sector


CRM Applications for Air Conditioning Sector- SetXRM

Air conditioning sector oriented CRM applications need to be planned in a way that they will include all sales and after sales processes. For companies providing air conditioner sales, importation and service, CRM program offers companies address book, project management, sales management importation management, source management, service management and document management modules.

Address Book
This module is a base module in which necessary information used on pre-sales and sales processes such as company, person, task, vendor, service and meeting is held. Activities on pre-sales and sales processes, tasks assigned to them, appointments, meetings, vendor transactions, jobs assigned to vendors and their allowances are tracked on the system. Air conditioning companies sell their products to end users, vendors, chain stores and institutions. Transactions on sales channels are tracked on the system.

Project Management
Sales of air conditioning companies are based 50% on project management and VRF type products are based on project based sales. This rate is 50% number based and 80% turnover based. Before the project starts, vendors or company salespersons can track all delivery and montage processes of the project if that project is obtained. More than one vendors can offer for a project and the first one to offer takes the most primacy. During the project, activities, meetings, appointments and products in project are tracked on the system. Cost of project can also be tracked on the system momentarily.

Sales Management
Sales in air conditioning firms can be separated as VRF and other products. VRFs are tracked on project and the others are tracked via direct offer. While creating an offer, measurements of offer is calculated and air-conditioning types are selected separately for interior and exterior units. Calculations are made dynamically, therefore, these methods are used in the interface. If the offer is project based, if it cannot be connected to the project, it is created directly and sent to vendor or end user. After the offer gets an approval, deliveries are completed accordance with stocks. For purchase plans, actualization percentage in offers and actualization period are entered and a purchase plan is prepared. After sales, agreement and delivery processes, concerned vendors are assigned with a montage order. Vendors take this action, enters data into the system. The system creates the allowance.

Importation Management
Air conditioning firms proceed their purchases based on projects, which means they do not reserve any products in stock. After sales, supplier is notified about the order and a purchase order is created in line with product delivery. After purchase confirmation approval, the product is sometimes delivered to the customer, sometimes to the storage of importing company. If purchasing companies are main companies, they can create their annual purchase plans on the system. In this way, products which are due following month can be tracked on the system.

Source Management
Air conditioning companies constantly launch new products; old products need spare parts in their 5-10 years of expected life. The system should separate sources in brand and group categories and calculate the optimum spare parts need. It should separate these spare parts in A, B, C categories and carefully track items which are costly and require a long time for supply. Serial numbers, spare parts, images and technical features of products and their catalogues can be tracked on source management system.

Service Management
Service management is one of the most important tasks in air conditioning firms. However quality and fine features a product may have, if its montage is not done right, required efficiency will never be achieved. In project designing, internal and external unit connections may not be fully watched and the service team assigned for montage should check them out. During montage process, all details including the gas used and tube caliber are filled and entered into the system. After approval from the central office, vendor assigned with montage enters allowance invoice into the system. Same processes apply for incoming faults. The fault is submitted to central office, central office selects a vendor and creates job order for it. As in montage processes, vendor completes a job, enters serial number of the product into the system, checks whether it has warranty and creates pricing accordingly. Vendor enters service form into the system and upon its approval, it sends allowance invoice. All transactions on a product and end user information can be seen on the system.

Document Management
Document management system for air conditioning firms enable management of all documents from one point. With authorization to be given on folders created by the system, company personnel and non-company vendors can use this system. The system especially holds product and spare parts catalogues, images, technical features and prices. In addition to these, documents used within the company, approval processes of ISO quality documents, writings with institutions are also tracked on this system.