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CRM Applications for Chemistry Sector

kimya sektörü

CRM Applications for Chemistry Sector- SetXRM

Chemistry sector oriented CRM application needs to be planned in a way that it should consist of sales and purchase processes. This application consists of address book, sales management, purchase management, source management and delivery management modules.

Address Book
This is a central function for chemistry sector oriented CRM application. Companies, authorized people, tasks and meetings work in integration with this application. Standard modules such as incoming and outgoing calls within the company, incoming and outgoing posts, and vehicle tracking system and foreign exchange rates are also tracked here. Possible marketing actions, customer segmentation, creating customer oriented aims and their success criterions are all followed under this module.

Sales Management
Chemistry sector requires the most dynamic structure in CRM applications. In the sector in which profit margins are really low, product prices need to change in accordance with foreign exchange rates and instant changes in prices need to happen. This can only be achieved with a CRM system for chemistry sector. Collecting products of different foreign exchanges in the same order, transferring them to different locations and calculating them in price offer process can only be done with a dynamic CRM. Present stock also need to be checked in order and purchase processes. For sold or purchased products, purchase orders are created from stock or production.

Purchase Method
Chemistry sector is important for CRM. For profit margins are small in the sector, an approach of profit on purchase other than on sale is adopted. This is why from whom and when supplies of sold products will be done and to which delivery point they will be transferred need to be perfectly planned. Purchase processes start with the offer point and continues with offer collection, evaluation, choosing the best offers and creating the purchase.

Source Management
Chemistry sector has utmost importance in CRM applications. The products can be bought from different departments and be sold to different departments. Thus, stock and sales containers can be different. Different alternatives are used for storage and sales. These need to be designated on CRM, optimum storage and stock levels need to be specified and sales conditions need to be created. Source management consists of management of different storages and creating different transfer points for these storages.

Delivery Management
In CRM applications for chemistry sector, delivery optimization is the most important criteria for profitability. In the sector in which profit margins are quite low, creating different storages in different locations will decrease delivery costs and increase profitability. CRM system also calculates delivery volumes in an optimum. Delivery costs which are added to the unit prices are calculated by delivery management system. In delivery management, CRM application calculates route optimization and creates tasks to be assigned to the storage concerned. While creating a task, it takes present transportation capacity (free delivery vehicles) into account. This module also works integrated with vehicle tracking system.