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CRM Applications for Construction Sector

insaat sektörü

CRM Applications for Construction Sector- SetXRM

CRM applications for construction sector needs to be planned in a way that they would comprise all pre-sales and sales processes. CRM for construction sector consists of opportunity, call center, marketing, sales and document management modules. With the start of construction projects, marketing plans are created, launching and target audience are specified. With advertisements on social media, promotion and sales processes start.

Opportunity Management
Opportunity management need to be built perfectly for construction sector CRM applications. Planning is made according to target customer segment, income and expense tables, potential customer information, methods of contact, use of social media under opportunity management. Fast sales processes need to be taken into account in projects and actions need to be planned according to changing daily dynamics. Opportunity steps should not be standard steps, but more definite and short steps. In construction sector in which competition is strong, a customer who comes to office and goes out without a purchase is not likely to come back. Opportunities need to be managed perfectly to 10 of the first 100 opportunities in Pipeline report to come back.

Call Center
In CRM applications for construction sector, call center serves SMS, e-mail, telephone and social media communication purposes. CRM works integrated with all tools to direct all calls in line with their incoming channel. Customer representative enters customer info and requests into system and records call time. These records are analyzed within a day, circle suggestions are prepared for customer profiles and customers are called back. All incoming and outgoing calls are analyzed by sales representatives in the call center.

CRM is of utmost importance in construction sector. Sector and market research to be done before starting the project and determining how, where and on what conditions the customers will have requests is really important. If these criteria are taken into account in the project to be developed, sales will be realized to the possible customer. Marketing module consists of mobile survey, social media communication, webpage integration, promotion of project images, visual or written publications. Tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Youtube can be found in social media module and the info obtained from them can be tracked via CRM system.

CRM is considered to be the final point in construction sector. Information coming from opportunity and marketing channels are collected in sales team. All information belonging to project is held on the system on sales process. Images, floor plans, technical features, 2D or 3D videos, block and floor numbers, size and number of flats, sales prices and payment conditions of project are tracked on the system. The estates which are sold are marked as “sold” in the system. Records such as sold, deposit taken, promised, awaiting and to be called are listed. In sales module, all calls in presales and sales processes are recorded. After sales, processes of tracking whether necessary documents are taken and payment method can also be tracked on the system.

Document Management
Document Management is the module which collects all document flow in CRM applications for construction sector. Starting from the project process, all documents created on the system are held on the system. Writings within and outside the company, incoming and outgoing taxes, e-mail attachments, forms consisting of customer ID information, agreements, title deed information, purchase forms, collection and discharge forms, technical information forms and images of blocks and flats are also recorded under document management system. Access to these data is limited to authorization and the company decides on who to give authorization to. In document management module, one can search within all criteria.