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CRM Applications for Electrical&Electronics Industry

elektrik elektronik sektörü için crm

CRM Applications for Electrical&Electronics Industry-SetXRM

In Electrical and Electronics industry oriented CRM applications, planning should be done so as to involve all processes starting from pre-sales to end of sales. Here, customer is not an end user, but is companies or institutions. CRM program for import, export and service of electronic goods consists mainly of address book, call center, sales management, import and purchase management, product management, service management and documents management modules.

Address Book
In Electronic CRM, you can easily describe and track company, customer, person and opportunity applications in their own business processes. In Electronic CRM applications, every detail on companies can be recorded and all sales, activities, meetings, offers, sold products and e-mails belonging to the company on one click. More than one person can be assigned to one company. Data on address book of CRM application should always be kept up-to-date and accurate as it is the key point in communication with customers. Customers’ complaints, offers, suggestions can be tracked under this module.

Call Center
In Electronic CRM applications, call center application holds all communication points of the company. Incoming and outgoing calls, incoming and outgoing posts, bulk e-mails and SMSs, task and meeting tracking processes are performed on this application. Incoming and outgoing calls work in integration with switchboard. Incoming posts are scanned on scanner and sent for approval of authorities. Documents are tracked on the system. Call center is the starting point of all business processes. The work process starts with an incoming call and then a task or meeting is created. These all can be tracked on the system.

Sales Management
Electronic CRM sales management starts with the opportunity and continues until delivery processes. Opportunities, activities, orders, agreements and delivery are tracked under sales agreement module. Customer based fees can be set and products in different foreign currencies can be processed in one currency while creating an offer. If deemed necessary, offers on different currencies can be made after grouping in offer, previous sales prices and current prices can be analyzed. These can be revised as much as wanted and every revision is recorded. On every step of order process, e-mails can be sent for task assignment. If the transaction is a sales agreement based on an agreement, it is created on the system and delivery tasks are processed.

Import and Purchase Management
Electronic CRM purchase processes start with a request or sales. If products to be sold are not in stock, system creates a purchase request automatically. These requests are submitted to the concerned department, a price offer is awaited from suppliers for the specified amount, purchase orders are created accordingly, incoming date and payment conditions are cleared in orders. All information can be seen by everyone with authorization (including customers). After acceptance of goods, concerned departments are assigned for the task of delivery to customer. In every step of Electronic CRM purchase process, documents can be prepared and be sent to concerned department.

Product Management
Product and spare parts management have utmost importance in Electronic CRM. Procurement of sold products and their spare parts can easily be tracked on the system via serial number or serial lot. Main products and their spare parts can be designated, spare parts of a particular product or main products on which spare parts are used can be tracked on Electronic CRM. Technical features, pictures and dynamic sets of products can be followed on only one card.

Service Management
Electronic CRM service management is exclusively planned for products with after-sales support and works integrated with periodic maintenance, montage, fault track and customer complaint sub modules. For every request at service, a call is opened. Montages of sold products are done via creating job orders for central or vendor departments. Fault complaints of devices are taken, job orders are created, service personnel is assigned, product is barcoded if it comes to central department, product is tracked via its barcode or call number assigned to it. Warranty period of product, new warranty period if changed in warranty, performed transactions, people concerned and period of transactions, awaiting transactions or supply periods of spare parts can be tracked on the system. All of service processes can be followed via call number.

Documents Management
Electronic CRM documents management enables all documents of a company to comply with quality management procedures. The system can be identified as department based or group based and authorization can be done as requested. Authorizations to reading, writing, changing or deleting the documents are given to groups or persons. Approval periods of documents filed into the system can be tracked and e-mails can be sent at any point in line with one’s authorization.