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CRM Applications for Food Sector

gıda sektörü iiçin crm

CRM Applications for Food Sector-SetXRM

You can use Food CRM solutions application of SetXRM in food sector. Flexible structure of the program enables addition of exclusive modules to your sector. Some of the CRM solutions commonly used in food sector are listed below. In addition to these modules, different modules which can be added in line with the needs of your company are put to your service without any additional cost thanks to dynamic structure of our SetXRM solution.

Address Book
Different areas such as Food CRM, the company in the address book module of general CRM, people working in the company, vendors of the company, previous transactions of the company etc. can be registered in a particular order. This enables reporting vendors of the company and transactions of these vendors in a particular order.

Activity, Task and Appointment Track
Various actions such as meetings, purchases, posts and calls of product distribution team or representatives of your company, the company which they hold these actions with and their vendors are recorded on the system. For example, while entering post and meeting information to the system, all information regarding departments (posting date and method, meeting representative etc.) is recorded and special records can be created from this report. These reports may consist of visits your product distribution team has performed in a month, sample posts of your product representatives to a particular company etc.

Product Inventory
Information regarding products of a firm, features of these products, product groups, product price information etc. are recorded into the system in detail. If a product has more than one prices for different companies, different amounts of discount and campaign can be applied on the product. Different types of reports can be created on this information.

Offer and Order Module
Food CRM management enables users to create offer and order records on mobile platforms. These offer and order records can also be created by using product registers and company information saved in the system. The offer records created can be downloaded in Word and PDF formats as a dynamically created offer form on the system and they can be sent to customer via e-mail.

Complaints and Opinions
The system can receive and record complaints and opinions automatically via social media thanks to API of SetXRM system. In addition to this, notifications can be entered into the system on Excel platform collectively. Statuses can be assigned to complaints and opinions and concerned departments are assigned for tasks created in accordance with these statuses (for example: when a complaint arises on product delivery, a detailed delivery information is asked from the delivery team). With this, reports regarding departments which are the source of complaints and subjects on which complaints arise can be created and tracked.