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CRM Applications for Health Sector

saglık crm

CRM Applications for Health Sector- SetXRM

You can use our SetXRM system which is exclusively applied on health sector. Dynamic structure of the system enables you to add modules to meet your demands. General CRM solutions for health sector are listed below. In addition to the present functions in the sector, various modules can be added into the system in line with your needs without any additional payment thanks to flexible structure of our SetXRM..

Address Book
In addition to the company and people working in the company in address book of general CRM, health CRM includes a hierarchical list of doctors, patients, hospitals and rehabilitation centers etc. Thus, doctors of an institution and their patients can be reported hierarchically in line with this structure.

Activity, Task and Appointment Tracking
Our sales representatives’ activities such as visits, meetings and calls can be saved on the basis of patient, doctor and institution on our system. While entering visit info into the system, sector data can be saved and these data can be reported in line with your needs. For example, these reports can consist of the number of visits your sales representative have performed on the bases of institutions and doctors, reason of visit etc.

Product Inventory
Products the company sell can be saved into the system and reports can be created. Discounts can be applied on the basis of both company and product. Product segmentation can be done on various areas such as product price and usage type and reports can be created.

Offer and Order Module
Health CRM application enables offers and orders to be created by sales representatives on mobile platforms. Offer and order forms which are prepared using product records can be designed dynamically and exclusively for your company. These offer and order forms can be downloaded in Word and/or PDF formats on the system and also can be sent to customer via e-mail. Exclusive measurements can be made taking special discounts, cargo and commission costs into account.

Complaints and Opinions
Thanks to the API SetXRM system has, complaint and opinions coming from web site or social media can be automatically saved onto the system. Submission of other notifications into the system can be done manually or collectively added to the system via excel.
Complaints and opinions can be assigned a status and they can be taken into service via concerned departments (such as assigning someone else when sales representative is on a duty or sending a new product if there is a complaint about the product). By these methods, notifications of a representative, complaints about particular products and actions taken after these products can be reported.)