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CRM Applications for Machinery Sector

insaat sektörü

CRM Applications for Machinery Sector- SetXRM

CRM applications for machinery sector need to be planned so that they consist of all sales and after-sales processes. For companies providing machine sales, import and export and service, CRM application particularly provides address book, sales management, purchase management, source management, service management and document management modules. Companies which provide produce, import, export, domestic sale and repair services can manage their business with CRM applications from one point.

Address Book
Machinery CRM consists of modules such as company, person, task, meeting, activity, incoming and outgoing calls, and incoming and outgoing posts. For sales preparation, opportunity and activity modules are used. Incoming calls are transferred to the department concerned, every call is given a call number and they remain awaiting on the system after they are solved. Incoming and outgoing posts are also followed online on the system. Meetings and tasks created on CRM, their activities and relations with each other, all sales and purchase information of companies can be analyzed from one point.

Sales Management
Machinery CRM system consists of modules such as sales management, activity, offer, order, sales invoice request form, sales transfer tracking form and agreement form. An offer is created in line with the activity and this is done taking currency, options, possible finishing time, possible finishing percentage, delivery time and conditions, stock conditions, average sales price on which the product is sold, profitability range of the offer and currency information of customer into account. Intended revisions are made and every revision is recorded under the system. Created offers are published in intended template and sent to the customer and intercorporate department. In offer attachment, product images and technical documents are added by the system. When the order turns into an order, sales invoice request form is created. Order confirmation form is created to be sent to customer, agreement form is also sent attached if requested. If the product is in stock, present transfer form is sent to storage. If product is not is stock, the product is transferred or a production or purchase order is created.

Purchase Management
Machine CRM purchase management works integrated with sales. Machinery and equipment which is sold or in critical stock, a request is created on the system. Approval from concerned department is taken and an offer e-mail is sent to suppliers. Incoming offers are evaluated and a purchase order is created for the most suitable ones. Supplier sends purchase confirmation and delivery date is entered into the system. This date is tracked by the system and an e-mail is sent to concerned departments when it draws close. Purchase order templates can be created as intended. Reports can be obtained in all purchase processes.

Source Management
Machinery CRM is the module on which products and spare parts are managed. Products are grouped on machinery basis and can be tracked for their brands, models and categories. Product images, technical features, spare parts, price info, supply times are recorded. Product price information can be updated automatically on Excel. Products’ technical features can be dynamically created. Different technical features for all product groups can be created, images can be added and the images are added to the order if requested. Products are designated as main products or byproducts and alternative transactions can be made. Equivalents of products or spare parts can be designated to be used in order process.

Service Management
Machine CRM service management module is essential. Service requests are created for montage and faults of every sold machine. Machines and their warranty periods are tracked in line with their serial number. Automatic montage form for after sale is created and fault records are created for call numbers of faults. The faults are transferred to concerned departments or vendors. After the product is repaired, changed spare parts, labor, transportation and accommodation costs, job start and end dates are entered into the system. If warranty is not included in the transactions, service or spare parts order is created and then customer approval is awaited. Warranty track of changed spare parts can be done on the system.

Document Management
This module is a standard in Machinery CRM. Document management module consists of all documents, catalogues, templates and writings in the company. It has a folder and sub-folder approach. Access to these folders can be made via authorization. Documents can be searched for information. E-mails and faxes can be sent on every step in line with authorizations. Documents can be opened in browser or downloaded to user’s computer. The system also works integrated with ISO quality management system.