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CRM Applications for Service Sector

hizmet sektörü

CRM Applications for Service Sector- SetXRM

CRM applications are prerequisite for all business processes in Service Sector. For a service sector oriented CRM, address book, call center, service management, source management and human resources modules are required.

Address Book
In this module, all customer data is recorded on service sector. This module enables viewing e-mails, calls, posts, services provided, activities, documents and offers of a customer with only one click. Basic information of customer are recorded under this module, so timeliness of contact information is of utmost importance. Education and vehicle tracking modules can also be added to this module.

Call Center
Call center is the most important tool for service sector oriented CRM. Incoming and outgoing calls, posts, bulk e-mail, bulk SMS, catalogue posts, IVR and switchboard integration are a must for this application. Call center module sometimes works integrated with a call center software, sometimes it connects to the switchboard within the company. All call and document flow in the company is controlled by this module.

Service Management
Service management module is really important in CRM applications. It is the administrative module which decides on services the company is to provide, their presentation to concerned departments, marketing studies and analyzing them, method of service on data after the results. It also decides on whether the method should be continued or changed. Service management module tracks all processes such as activity, offer, order, job order, job end, invoicing and receipt. If the job is a continuous one, the agreements on behalf of the job are tracked under this module. Description of services, method of services and alternative services – if any, are created in service management module.

Source Management
Service sector is the hardest part of CRM applications to manage and it should therefore be perfectly analyzed and designated. Human labor is the main source of this sector and people’s working capacities, talents, ability to finish the job on time sometimes cannot be easily measured. Source management enables using algorithms to be developed within this module to designate a process to measure working potentials of available sources in order to give quality and timely service to customers. In this module, services and the personnel assigned to these services are matched one-to-one.

Human Resources Management
This module is one of the required modules in service sector CRM applications. As services are provided by humans, a module is needed to manage all information of people working within our company from one source. This module is an integrated module which holds information such as employee personal rights, educations, leaves, certificates, salaries, advances etc. It can be used within a payroll in some companies. Human resources module is used as an intercorporate CV bank.