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Customer Relations

Müşteri Hizmetleri Yönetimi CRM Hizmetleri - SetXRMCustomer Relations Management

In today’s competitive environment, retaining present customers and reaching to new customers is directly proportionate to services to be offered to customer. The reality is that reaching to a new customer is five times more costly than retaining the present customers.

That is why you need to create solutions and strategies to understand present customer profiles. With customer services module within SetXRM, you can manage customer calls, complaints, requests and offers by grouping them and transferring them to the authorities concerned. The system, by receiving opinions of companies on products, analyzes incoming calls and customers on social media. It proposes actions according to results.

It groups customer complaints and request, designates fast solutions for the subjects which receive the most complaints.
SetXRM Best Practices Scenario is used for recording a newly bought product, filling up a complaint for this product and seeing how the vendor uses Internet Customer and Self Service opportunities. The general procedures are stated below. This workflow can differ in line with customer profiles.

A standard customer relations workflow scenario consists of these steps:

  • Customer signs in to E-Commerce Internet Customer Self Service web site.
  • Customer records a newly bought product. S/he can do it via a telephone call. After recording the product, the customer can submit his/her complaint via telephone or web. The customer, while submitting a complaint, can review its warranty information. After submitting all the necessary data, s/he sends the complaint.
  • The complaint reaches to SetXRM system. The complaints are grouped and assigned to concerned departments in line with specific KEYWORDS. The department assigned with the task calls the customer back for a solution. The call remains open until the problem is solved.
  • The client can track complaints using E-Commerce Internet Customer Self Service web site. Until the call is ended, customer is informed about the situation via e-mail, SMS or telephone and the call is ended. The calls are listed on the system and customer requests and complaints can be analyzed.