Fully Responsive

With Richer you do not need to worry about how your site will look on a party players screen. We cared about that for you and made our theme fully responsive. It means your website will automatically adapt to screen you.

Retina Ready

If you want your site to look same great on high resolution displays-Richer is a great choice! All of the included images here are 100% Ready for the Retina and will look fantastic on the devices like iPhone, iPad or MacBookPro Retina.

Tons of Shortcodes

There are so many shortcodes included in our theme, check out Shortcodes menu in our demo and see that! You will find anything you need to create your page layout from this variety of shortcodes.

Dynamic Reporting

Dinamik Raporlama Yazılımı - SetXRM CRM YazılımlarıDynamic Reporting

SetXRM, thanks to its Dynamic Reporting features, enables customers to create all kind of reports in line with their own wishes. With advanced reporting options, customers can create their reports and Dashboards all by themselves. Created reports can be used in accordance with authority. Reports which are created on the system is taken out with pivot table logic and intended graphics can be created on them.

At the same time, reports can be created on a schedule. These created reports are sent to the concerned authorities via e-mail. In the reports, the intended modules can be associated with each other, lined and filtered. The created reports are taken out in formats such as Excel, Word, PDF and TXT.

There are three types of queries on SetXRM, which are listing, reporting and batch operations. Listing enables the records special to every exclusive object or linked object groups to be listed on authority within the intended format and intended criteria. If requested, these listed records can be transferred to Excel, Word, PDF or TXT formats. Every user can do this operation. (for example: activities of Ahmet Bey, sales of Mehmet Bey in the last week etc.)

The second SetXRM reporting tool is Batch reporting and it enables data to be analyzed in a more comprehensive, data-mining like method. Working hours for these methods are night hours, recipients for the prepared reports and the formats of these reports are planned beforehand. Batch works at night and submits the results to the authorities. (For example: product oriented company sales of the last three months, monthly sales employee oriented sales, product oriented profitability reports etc.)

In SetXRM reporting module, users can create reports in line with their authorities, save these reports on the system and take them out whenever they want. These reports can also be used as Dashboards and they are created after an online data query. (For example: sales of XX customer, my personal goal and performance reports, activity based sales summary reports, pipeline performance reports etc.) For creating these reports, users are required to have 3 hours of training.