Fully Responsive

With Richer you do not need to worry about how your site will look on a party players screen. We cared about that for you and made our theme fully responsive. It means your website will automatically adapt to screen you.

Retina Ready

If you want your site to look same great on high resolution displays-Richer is a great choice! All of the included images here are 100% Ready for the Retina and will look fantastic on the devices like iPhone, iPad or MacBookPro Retina.

Tons of Shortcodes

There are so many shortcodes included in our theme, check out Shortcodes menu in our demo and see that! You will find anything you need to create your page layout from this variety of shortcodes.

Field Sales Management

Saha Satış Yönetimi Yazılımı ve Otomasyonları - SetXRMField Sales and Services Management

With SetXRM field sales management, you can follow all activities of our field sales team, their orders, appointments and meetings online.

As SetXRM application is developed with HTML 5, CSS 3 and Bootstrap, it can be easily used on all mobile devices. Campaigns and sales conditions created by central app is also applied to mobile device. With a map on mobile device, customer’s locations and whether salesperson has ever been to these locations can be checked.

The most problematic point for field salesperson is checking whether s/he has actually visited the customer on the stated time. This is unknown and salesperson can keep his/her records as if s/he visited the customer without doing so. SetXRM presents a solution to this problem and makes institutions do stricter planning.

In SetXRM Customer cart, location coordinates of valid visits is enough to track this action. Sales representatives can make these visits taking locations of customers into account, which saves time.

SetXRM field sales management works integrated with the commercial program and can track customers’ present currency balance, previous purchases, endorsements, risks, risk limits, product based goals and their own complaints, if any, on the application. Orders created from mobile devices wait for approval of the authorities as order recommendations.

In SetXRM field sales management, the customer can add a virtual POS application and s/he can process some of his/her collections on the system. With the collection module in the system, s/he can instantly enter his/her collections. Collection area and payment method –check, credit card or cash- can be selected and transactions can then be made. If payment method is a check, s/he can take its photograph and add it to the system as a file. Service personnel can use all his/her transactions on the same application. Service work orders are submitted to the personnel online and the personnel can make his/her transaction on the system.