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reklam ve ambalajThough CRM applications are not widely used in package and advertisement companies, incorporated firms have started to think that CRM is essential. In recent years, CRM applications have become a need in order for the companies to increase their efficiency in a competitive environment. Companies should use at least a basic CRM or XRM application for tracking business processes and creating automation in fields such as package, advertisement and signboards.

Advertisement companies have many steps in their business processes. These processes are different for every company and they seem impossible to be solved with a standard software. We can control these operations with an application to create dynamic pages really fast, such as SetXRM. With a simple production tracking module, you can track all your business processes from offer to delivery.

Address book, company, person, calls, opportunities, posts, tasks, offer, sales, delivery, production, quality control, job offers and customer complaints are the required CRM modules for package and advertisement companies. If required, purchase and document management modules which are available in SetXRM can be added to the system.

hakkimizdaThere are many CRM applications available for computer and informatics companies. But in terms of practicality and dynamic structure, there are not many products. With its dynamic structure, SetXRM is an ideal solution for informatics companies. Informatics companies can track offer, sales, delivery, technical service, agreement and document management modules with CRM system. As 90% of computer and informatics companies are small scaled SMEs, it is usually not convenient for them to use CRM for other modules except for the ones stated above.

Informatics companies can increase their efficiency via using CRM systems. Instead of their own marketing tools, they use marketing tools of companies to which they sell their products. They use call, technical service and offer modules intensively. With CRM, they can measure the services they provide via technical service connection and increase their efficiency and profitability. They can group the connection made with their switchboard and incoming calls in line with their groups and they can even assign a technical service employee a task by transferring it to their mobile phones.

While creating their offers, they can provide discounts based on products or wholesale, they can create revised offers and reach their offers from wherever they want. The offers created on SetXRM can be sent to customer via e-mail in PDF form after they are approved. After the customer approves the offer, system creates offer form (sales invoice request form), purchase approval form (agreement, signed by the customer), sales delivery tracking – taken out of store form.

derneklerFor associations and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) CRMs or member tracking programs are required. SetXRM enables tracking contributions to associations and foundations from their members, expenses, informing members regularly, writings with institutions, communication with social media and news.

CRM also enables tracking all inputs and outputs to social activity projects organized by associations or foundations. Project expectations, project main steps, roles, activities and outcomes of the projects can be tracked on the system. You can also create contribution fees to association on a six months basis and track what is paid and what is not on the system. With SMS integration of the system you can message your members about their contribution fee debt.

SetXRM can develop applications for all non-governmental organizations to be shared with their members. It provides endless workflow and management solutions on this matter. Every document can be designed as templates, uploaded into the system to create a sense of corporateness.

doktorlarCRM for doctors and dentists is a new concept and in this competitive environment, it needs to be used. Patient follow-up program is still used by doctors and many programs are out of date. In today’s conditions, information should be easy to reach from anywhere, creating the need of mobile device applications. Some applications have their separate desktop and mobile applications and a change in main program is not reflected to the program in mobile applications and mobile applications need to be constantly updated.

With doctor-patient follow-up program developed within SetXRM, you can find all information such as appointments, diagnoses and treatments, drugs, taken films, tomography, MRs and similar investigations, tests and their analyses, treatment methods used under only one system and track them. You can access the program on mobile devices, tablets, all PCS and notebooks. While scheduling an appointment with your patients, being able to access the system from everywhere enables you to act more dynamically.

You can use all the functions created for doctors in professions such as dentistry. You can easily use our program as a dentistry patient follow-up software. You can create characteristic interfaces as however you want them in a day and upload them into the system.

cms ve lms programlarıUsage of content management systems (CMS) have increased and gained more importance in recent years with companies’ increasing share of information. Preventing information repetition and connecting true information with the right person is possible with proper structure of CMS. With CRM applications, you can create a CMS however you like and you can easily manage it. In addition to this, thanks to properly structured CMSs, communication between users is established and intended reports can be easily obtained. Today, creating CMSs is possible with Google Drive or Office365 solutions but they require additional payment. With SetXRM or XRM application you can create a CMS application just by adding a new module. You can integrate your website to this application and any changes made to the system will also be visible on the web site.

Today, LMS (Learning Management System) is widely and effectively used in companies, educational institutes and websites providing online training. LMS applications created by SetXRM systems are different on company and sector basis but they mainly consist of Registry Object, Presentation and Content Object, Course Object, Assessment and Evaluation Object and Reporting object. While designing objects for LMS, processes such as sharing and discussing learning material, managing classes, sitting for an examination, taking homework and creating feedback on these homework and exams, editing learning material, recording student, teacher and system and receiving reports need to be properly designed.

güzellik merkezleriXRM and CRM applications have become an essential for beauty parlors and epilation centers. In today’s competitive environment, retaining present customers and reaching to new customers is essential for continuity of the company. Reaching to a new customer is five times more costly than retaining the present customers. Therefore, establishing absolute customer satisfaction must be a priority for us. XRM modules necessary for beauty parlors and epilation centers are: contacts, calls, appointments, diagnoses and treatments, applications and campaigns. These can be easily managed with a simple interface program.

With appointments created on the system, customer follow-up process begins. System sends customer a reminder e-mail or SMS one day beforehand. The reminder period might be as flexible as wished. Once customers are recorded in the system, all transactions are kept under record. Applications in every session are recorded into the system, which provides ease to access the previous applications when the customer comes. Periodical applications are entered into system for just once and then all periods can be tracked by the system. All calls made and received via system can be tracked with a simple Caller ID to be attached onto the telephone. You can access the records of customers who have called you but failed to reach you, decreasing customer loss to a minimum. Your customer follow-up system developed with SetXRM will provide absolute customer satisfaction and increase your profitability.

insan kaynakları yönetimiWith SetXRM Human Resources (HR) application, you can track all HR applications of your company or other companies separately. As there are no restrictions in modules, you can create structures in line with the greatness of the companies. In SetXRM human resources tool, these HR modules are still actively used:

1. HR Web portal module (Personal Transactions): Personnel information, payroll envelope, access information and request, overtime and allowance requests, education information and request, education evaluations, performance and evaluation, announcement and suggestion transactions, survey and exams, reservations, manager transactions, Kaizen and 5S project transactions, CV bank, costs and approval transactions.

2. Human Resources and Payroll Module: Education information, application track, performance management, career management, worker health and security, monthly realization processes, access transactions, personnel budget, personnel information, application transactions, organization management, auxiliary operations. With SetXRM human resources applications, you can manage anything you have planned. As it has a dynamic and infinite module development infrastructure, you can easily integrate future requests into the system.

güvenlik şirketleriSecurity sector has been the fastest developing sub-sector of service sector in recent years. XRM mainly focuses on enabling security companies to control this fast growth to create a stable environment. Thanks to the modules developed by SetXRM application, all transactions of security companies from offer to operation can be taken under control.

Services provided by SetXRM modules are classified to choose suitable personnel and hardware and to notify the people concerned about these choices via e-mail or SMS. These transactions are submitted to authorized personnel or people’s own mobile phones as SMS or e-mail. Again, on the same applications, one can track job start and end times and location information in an instant. With map module to be added to the system, all location information of all personnel can be tracked from one point.

With modules such as call, activity, appointment, project, offer, delivery, operation, task and cost entry developed on SetXRM, all operation can be tracked. Again, with agreement module developed on our system, invoices are billed on the system automatically, printed and sent to customer as PDF in an e-mail upon request. With human resources module created on the system, CVs of the personnel suitable for operations of company are kept and candidates are selected on this system and assigned to their task locations.

iletişim şirketleriUsing CRM or XRM developed for communication companies require specialty. Applications of companies which have previously worked in this field should be preferred. ARGESET is the most experienced company in this field. Since 2007, all grand operators have had their systems developed within this infrastructure. Communication companies can be grouped as GSM operators, their main distributors, vendors and services. Apart from ARGESET’s in-house applications, the only system which can manage all operations is SetXRM.

With infinite number of modules created on SetXRM, you can track all activity including mobile lines, IMEI number, modem, mobile telephone track, their conveyancing operations, allowances, vendor and salesperson premiums, profitability levels based on product, vendor, area and salesperson, dynamic campaign and promotion management and marketing activity in line with customer segmentation.

With the API on the system, all other applications can be easily integrated to the system such as IVR, IP switchboard, outlook, cargo companies, SMS supplier companies and commercial software. Companies which provide services can scan the barcodes on their products and track service stocks on the system. With an API companies add to their website, all requests can be tracked on SetXRM and finalized, sending an SMS or e-mail to the customer for information upon finalization.

kamu için crmCRM for community has gained enormous importance in recent years. Public institutions are configured in order to help persons and institutions. In parallel with developing communication channel, they need to act within their measured service quality. With a small survey form upon the end of their services, their service quality can be measured. While customer loyalty and performance are of utmost performance in private sector, the same also applies to public sector.

With a simple CRM formula to be developed on SetXRM, with IVR integration to available switchboards, all services are accumulated in one point, an outgoing call is made to fill a satisfaction survey. Likewise, complaints from webpages or communication centers are accumulated in SetXRM complaint module and they are tracked under this system. SetXRM helps not only to CRM modules, but also to transferring any job into electronic platform within an institution. Public institutions can get their SetXRM code for beneficial use and add as many users and modules into the system as wished. This application may make up for all software requirements of an institution. Electronic signature and EDMS (electronic document management system) allows easy integration with other applications of the state.

metal sektörü için crm

CRM (XRM) application for metal companies have been an application which is deemed necessary. Profit margins are about 3-5% in metal, iron and steel sector. Metal and steel products produced in factories which require a high level of investment are being sold in changing prices in line with USD to foreign markets, with daily price detection. There are many variables when detecting a price, which is known to create ruinous sales. Companies with restricted profit margins need to check their costs fast and calculate true costs for profit sales and this is possible with cost calculation modules.

CRM system for metal companies are not only used in sales operations, but they also need to be used as XRM applications in production. Production processes, production bands, production points, workstations can easily be designated with work periods and processes on XRM and production can start using bobbin numbers, MPC, Manufacturing Lot Number, steel quality and purity used in metal sector to designate projects with percentaged units. To which lot, in which shift, under which heat and pressure the products are produced are recorded with their quality control documents. These records can be accessed anytime when requested. Especially on metal sector, XRM should be used instead of CRM. With ARGESET, a company which has worked with the biggest companies in this sector, you can develop your XRM application in shortest time possible.


CRM is a more necessary program when compared to commercial programs for automotive companies. Full scale agencies use applications of their suppliers but these applications are not sufficient as they do not provide a dynamic structure. SetCRM is used as an additional application to these applications. Every agency can create their systems as they wish and they establish integration between sales, service and insurance departments.

Automobile agencies which only buy and sell automobiles perform this process on their websites but they also need to record the vehicles in their portfolios in their systems. This vehicle information is particularly necessary for companies buying and selling commercial vehicles. System provides data such as license information, insurance information, maintenance information and changed parts. In addition to these, proxies, sales agreements, intercorporate documents are also kept under the system. The system allows tracking down payments, other payments and receipts. If the vehicle is to be rent for a short or long period, agreements and invoices in line with this period can also be tracked on this system.

Automobile agencies which only buy and sell can create integration with different websites and allow multidirectional information flow to their own systems. They can inform their local customers via SMS or e-mail upon request. They do not need any additional infrastructure for this, they can use cloud infrastructure of SetXRM.

tekstil sektörü

CRM applications are widely used in textile companies. This application helps them detect end users their products are delivered to and they can make alterations to productions and models in line with this information. CRM applications for textile companies are mainly focused on end users. They can detect sold types and models from the sales and take actions accordingly. They can detect who buys their products only via CRM applications. Analyzing these data and reaching to a solution is only possible with analytical CRM. SetXRM has analytical CRM infrastructure and it can analyze the sales to create customer segmentation.

CRM for textile companies consists of calls, orders, offers, purchase, delivery and after sales support modules. Companies can purchase Analytical CRM module upon request to perform analyses for purchased products based on customer segments. CRM applications for textile companies can be grouped as activity, calls, offer, order, production, quality control, delivery, purchase, contract manufacturing control, intercorporate intranet and document management. These modules can be found available in SetXRM, adapted for all textile companies. Applications can be created for companies in one week at the furthest.

turizim sektörü için crm

CRM applications have been used for tourism agencies for many years and they consist of very basic CRM rules. These applications can perform simple customer tracking but they do not measure customer satisfaction and they have an infrastructure which cannot even ask customers which have traveled with the company before for their satisfaction levels. There are not many developing tourism agencies except for a few. SetXRM has an infrastructure to work integrated directly with TURSAB. Agencies and organization companies that wish to use this application can apply Tourism CRM structure to their companies in shortest time possible.

Tourism CRM provides customer management, hotel and accommodation management, tour management, ticket management, organization management and congress and seminar management modules and these modules have differences based on companies. Agencies and organization firms edit these applications as they wish. Agencies integrate all sales and reservations made on their websites with their own CRM systems. After sales and all actions, customers are called and a satisfaction survey is performed, if there are any complaints, they are solved and customers are notified of the feedback. The same processes also apply for organization firms. In XRM developed for organization firms, all planning, costs, suppliers and institutions are included in the system. Every job is recorded as a project and all details and steps and sub-steps, periods, used materials, supply for materials, their returns, service vehicles to be used for the project can be tracked on the system. These processes are available in SetXRM application and they can be applied in just one week upon request.