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Production Management

Üretim Yönetimi Etkin Planlama Çözümleri - SetXRMProduction Management

With production tracking module developed on SetXRM, you can easily track order, production and delivery steps.

SetXRM works with MRP II logic and can create quality control screens and enter quality control data whenever found necessary. System can create new receipts from completed ones. In production module, working periods, work stations, capacities of work stations, sub stations (molds), operations, receipts, product groups, positions, quality control descriptions, daily, weekly, monthly and annual work calendars are designated. Production module works integrated with sales and purchase module. Requests come to production module from two places: from orders and from planning department which requests production for stocks.

SetXRM production module works with infinite capacity. Production planning can be done back and forth in time in line with production request date, which means deadline is given and the system designates a start date, or start date is given and the system designates the deadline.

On the system, all work stations’ daily, weekly and annual capacities can be tracked. If any job has begun, it can be paused and another one can be started. Upon creating a job order, a material requirement list is created including present stock amounts and amount of requirement. For non-stock products, an automatic request is made to purchase department.

SetXRM production processes are as follows:

  • Requests come to production planning, incoming request is checked whether it has any previous entries, its receipts, work stations and operations are checked.
  • If it is a previous production, customer due date is checked, a production order is created in line with system work plans for a proper period, a material requirement plan is created.
  • If purchase is needed, planning is done.
  • When the work time comes, work order is prepared and sent to concerned department, the department enters operator code and gives the start. In the event of any pauses, it enters them into the system. After the work has finished, it enters finish date, hour and amounts.
  • If there is a turnover, these are entered into system.
  • Quality control is done and control values are entered, amount of production is entered into commercial program as incoming receipt, consumed materials are entered into commercial program as expenditure or production outgoing receipt.