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RFID Fıxture Management

rfid demirbaş yönetimiRFID  Fixture Management

SetXRM RFID fixture management module presents solutions for companies to track their fixtures with RFID method.

In recent years, RFID technologies have advanced and the costs have decreased, increasing the use of this technology fast. It is now particularly used widely in merchandizing and fixture management.

With “Fixture Track Module” developed on SetXRM, fixtures can be tracked to cities, districts, locations and even to rooms.

In addition to fixture tracking number, this process can also be done with RFID Tag. With antennas placed on particular points, motions of fixtures can be tracked. Fixtures are debited to authorized people and these fixtures in the rooms can be reached instantly if needed. Different RFID tags are used for different types of fixtures; there are two main RFID tags: metal and standard. Fixture counts can be easily done with any tablet.

SetXRM RFID fixture management application has these functions:

  • It can be used on all computers and mobile devices.
  • Easily applied on Multi Settlements and distributed structures.
  • When in the field, it provides real differences between the inventory list in your hand the real one.
  • It tracks all hardware, software, office equipment, electronics and electronic devices in your office. You can easily see which product is used by whom, it is debited to whom and what its current status is.
  • All stories of a fixture can be tracked starting from the moment it is entered into the system. It follows your fixtures’ repair, maintenance, warranty etc. periods. In the event that one wants a maintenance, warranty etc. arrangement, it lists a detailed fixture list.
  • It lists fixtures with filters on brands, models and technical sub-details.
    While describing inventories, our very detailed description opportunity can be lowered down to the number of details you want and filters can be applied in line with these details (Family Tree, Brand-Model, Motion Codes, Document No, Serial No).
  • It provides entering brands and models in line with these brands and group reporting opportunities.
  • It provides opportunities to create descriptions for multiple firms, an organization of multiple films, creating descriptions for each and every vendor, separating vendors to locations and transferring fixtures between them.
  • It also tracks warranty deadlines for products, deadlines for maintenance agreements and types of agreements, if there are any.