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With Richer you do not need to worry about how your site will look on a party players screen. We cared about that for you and made our theme fully responsive. It means your website will automatically adapt to screen you.

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If you want your site to look same great on high resolution displays-Richer is a great choice! All of the included images here are 100% Ready for the Retina and will look fantastic on the devices like iPhone, iPad or MacBookPro Retina.

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There are so many shortcodes included in our theme, check out Shortcodes menu in our demo and see that! You will find anything you need to create your page layout from this variety of shortcodes.

Service Software

Teknik Servis CRM Yazılımları ve Uygulamaları - SetXRMService Software

With SetXRM service module, you can designate and track operations such as support after sales and customer services in line with your workflow. Information can reach the service module via website, fax, call center or e-mail. Received calls are directed to people or authorities concerned. If the received call is a customer complaint, it is directed to department of customer relations. If it is about a malfunction or montage and it can be solved on the phone, it is solved and hanged up. If the problem cannot be solved on the phone, a vendor is selected and assigned to the job.

The service vendor or central service employee calls the customer and confirms the service date. The service is provided and if the problem is solved, the call is hung up on the mobile application. If the problem remains unsolved, the product is sent to service place or central service to be repaired. Serial number of product is checked and previous operations, if any, can also be seen on this step. Customer records can also be tracked via customer serial no, customer GSM no, RT identification no etc. In service records, replaced parts of serviced products, their periodic maintenances –if any, performed operations, warranty track periods of parts replaced and different services performed on the product can be tracked.

In addition, service employees’ time spent on job and transportation, accommodation and travel costs can be tracked via call or service registration number. After the service is completed, if there are any products changed after warranty, warranty period of the new product is calculated. In service module, barcode printing, service form printing, invoice or dispatch note printing can be done. Service module also presents expiration dates of software licenses, inventory tracking, working times of sold or serviced products and working times of consumable items in relation to these to be tracked (for example, expiration of toners which are attached to the photocopiers and the copy numbers can be tracked). One of the most important functions of service module, periodic maintenance module needs to be used with caution in medical sector.