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Tenders and Project Management

SetXRM İhale Yönetimi ve CRM Proje Yönetimleri - SetXRMTenders and Project Management Software

In Tenders and Project Management module, you can track all processes with their costs starting from the date the tender is announced to the delivery and if the tender is project based, you can track all processes until the project is completed.

Some of the functions of this program are basic data of tenders, annexes, letters of guarantee, automatic printing of tracking forms and creating them as stated in the offer agreement, calculating tender profitability and analysis of rival prices in the past tenders.

In tender module, business processes are like this: Information is submitted to tender module via excel or API integration sites. These tenders are studied by the authorities and marked as “to be submitted” or “not to be submitted”. For tenders to be submitted, employees are assigned to tasks and the process is started. Every department finishes the tasks assigned to itself on time. After the tender, the companies which attended the tender and the prices they offered are entered into the system. If the tender is won, deliveries are planned in line with the agreement and tracked on the system.

With Project Management module developed on the system, first steps of the project, sub steps, their working periods and authorized employees, used materials and their costs and a snapshot of project can be seen. Completion rate of project, instant cost and the rest of the project can be tracked online. Meetings for the project, sent e-mails and documents, disbursement costs, accommodation and travel costs can be tracked in line with sub steps of the project. From the very beginning of the project to the end, delivery, production and return costs can be tracked step by step. If the project is managed on more than one places at the same time, tasks of every place can be tracked separately.

Project and tender module works integrated with the other modules on the system. It is used in integration especially with task management, planned meeting management, activity management, business processes track, cost entry, incoming and outgoing papers management, product delivery, product acceptance procedures and finance management modules.