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With Richer you do not need to worry about how your site will look on a party players screen. We cared about that for you and made our theme fully responsive. It means your website will automatically adapt to screen you.

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If you want your site to look same great on high resolution displays-Richer is a great choice! All of the included images here are 100% Ready for the Retina and will look fantastic on the devices like iPhone, iPad or MacBookPro Retina.

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There are so many shortcodes included in our theme, check out Shortcodes menu in our demo and see that! You will find anything you need to create your page layout from this variety of shortcodes.

Why SetXRM?

neden setxrmWHY SETXRM?

Our 15 years of experience in sector allowed us to see that companies which search for a CRM system actually require more and CRM is just a little part of the solution.
Companies solve such operations other than ERP using applications like XRM. Naturally, CRM application solutions in market is restricted. As project starts and develops, new needs arise and many additional modules and functions are added to CRM application to meet these needs. The application usually is very different than it is at the beginning of process. If the selected program cannot support such infrastructure, there are many performance issues in the program.

SetXRM, with its 15 years of experience, considering all these problems, created an application which can work on every types of devices with infinite number of modules and users, Multilanguage support, multiplatform support and tabular database structure. This platform is developed thanks to the support of TUBITAK TEYDEB, Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA).

SetXRM solutions are developed for cloud platforms and customers with more than 100 users can store them in their own servers. We finish your optimization tasks which would take weeks, even months to complete in 3 days and your exclusive projects in 1 month. SetXRM has many functions which are not available in other software, enabling it to solve even the most complex engineering problems on the system. It Is the only local XRM software which enables data mining with Developed RFM, Approval, Decision tree, KNN, Bayes Classification and Kmeans Grouping services and create data analysis and modelling with its Analytical CRM infrastructure.

You can design your main screen in 5 minutes after you pick your sector, create your new screens in 15 minutes and transfer all your data from Excel platform thanks to developed API application. You can finish associations between pages and spaces, design extra templates other than standard templates on MS Word, upload them onto the system, authorize users, and your CRM is ready to use.

You can create non-standard reports using scanning filters within 10 minutes at the furthest. The responsive structure (HTML 5, CSS3, Bootstrap) the system has enables use with different themes and from different devices. Thanks to Multilanguage support, different users can run the program on different languages.

You can integrate this software with any application in only one day thanks to developed API. It works fully integrated with Outlook, switchboard IVR, SMS, Cargo companies, LOGO, SAP, NETSIS, MIKRO, ETA and Microsoft Axapta applications. You can start the business thanks to quotation per user with very small costs.

Let SetXRM help you while you expand your business. Let your dreams not remain limited to scopes of standard programs, realize them beyond their reach.