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Workflow Management

İş Akışı ve Görev Takibi Süreç Yönetimi Yazılımı - SetXRMWorkflow and Task Tracking Software

With SetXRM workflow management, you can create and track all work processes of the company. All work processes, workflow, approvals, feedbacks and control processes, entering and approval of the used forms and action types they contain can be designated on the system. Their relations can also be designated. For example, creating a purchase for the purchased product automatically, opening a support forum after service, conveying incoming malfunctions and complaints to concerned authorities in the company, deciding on a solution method and planning feedbacks can be done on the system.

On the process of designating workflow, one of the most important subjects is task management and supervision. Our system supports ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17025 document systems.

For the following modules, workflows are designated and ready to use on SetXRM. Customer and authority management, possible customer management, task management, meeting management, education management, call management, incoming-outgoing documents management, tool parks and actions management, malfunction and complaint management, social media marketing management, sales management, quotation management, orders management, sales delivery form, campaign management, project management, tenders management, activity management, purchasing management, supply management, purchasing orders management, supplier evaluation management, source management, documents management, document flow management, product management, spare parts management, personnel registry management, fixture management, repair and maintenance management¸ service management, dervis management, periodic maintenance management. Basic inputs and outputs for SetXRM workflows are below:

How are work description, actions, authority, target people or department, other target people or departments and outputs going to be? (Products can be e-mails, SMSs or documents). How is integration between period of workflow, target outsources, task management, main goals of processes, possible contributions to company, connection to quality systems, integration with other processes and the other institutions and finally, integration with Turkey and the world going to be?